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Reading our name you might think we are just another "media" company. The stereotype. The usual.




We are unique. We break the norm. We disrupt. We innovate. We redifine the term media. All the while staying true to our African heritage: 


Rooikat (caracal) is a medium sized wild cat characterised by its speed, agility and courage to hunt prey 3 times its size. It's powerful hind legs allow it to leap more than 3 metres (10 ft) in the air to catch birds on the wing. Its able to wist and change its direction mid-air. It is an adroit climber.


"Media" is the plural from of medium: "An agency or means of doing something" (Oxford Dictionary)


It's these characteristics of the Rooikat, namely boldness, agility, cleverness, innovation, adaptability and the knack to jump over hurtles to reach outcomes explain in an instant the purpose and personality of our company. We provide you with various means (media) to enable you to achieve your ideas, goals and projects through co-creation with us!

Rooikat Media is a boutique management consultancy specialising in advisory, entrepreneur-in-residence, and project management services. Our mission is to assist innovation-driven clients to realise their ideas to unlock growth and returns.


Implementation Planning
Finance Consultancy

Working with you to provide advice and assistance in the formulation and implementation of your strategy.

From initial business ideas to innovating, launching new products or entering new markets. We are here to support to you in the identification of promising technologies, business development, licensing and formation of new ventures.

Each goal and initiative in your business requires a plan. We assist you with the  practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve your goals, success criteria and timelines.

We offer a full catalogue of corporate merchandise: 

Training & Coaching solutions in all areas business, management and innovation. Career and life coaching is provided by certified coaches. We empower people to realise their potential.


Valued Clients

Some of our Partnerships and Projects

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Connect with our team of co-creators

Our team consist of a network of chartered accountants, business coaching practitioners, event management professionals, MBA graduates, seasoned entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, business professionals, sourcing specialists and graphic designers, with over 300 years of combined experience in their respective fields.

Contact us!

Reach out today to discuss your business needs and how we can partner to co-create!

Workshop17, 138 West Street, Sandton, 2196 

17 Dock Rd, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8002

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